Snow at this point was ankle-deep. 7/23 - Snow free, except for one 50ft section of snow below Helen Lake. 6/17 - There’s an area of the trail climbing out of Buck Canyon (away from Crescent Meadow) that is pretty eroded. This project work is expected to last for approximately 2 weeks. All drivers are reminded to obey all traffic laws in the designated construction zones, and speed limits. Moraine Lake passable. Leider sind an den von Ihnen gewählten Daten keine Touren oder Aktivitäten verfügbar. For more information please see the Inyo National Forest website and closure order. Hiking poles recommended. Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-4:30 PM, (559) 877-2218 ex.0. 6/22 - South side of Muir Pass:Trail is snow-free to lake below Helen Lake. Prather, CA 93651, Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-4:30 PM, (559) 855-5355 ex.0, Hearing Impaired Expect many downed trees across the trail. Between that lower lake and Helen Lake there are two steep snow patches 20 feet long. 6/27 - Between Kern Hot Springs & JMT Junction, trail is stock passable. 810, Shaver Lake / Sierra National Forest, CA, in an extensive series of GPS compatible, contoured hiking maps of USA’s national and state parks or forests and other popular recreational areas. 11/16 - Watchtower Trail closed for the winter. Trail crew hopes to remove these trees next week. During this phase of construction Beasore Road starting at the Upper Chiquito Bridge will not be passable for approximately 120 days the use of alternate routes during this period will be necessary. 5 downed trees- all are stock passable. 11/13- Be cautious of potential hazard trees that may drop branches or fall. 7/2 - North Side: half-dozen patches of snow, only partially cover the switches, easily avoidable by hikers. This closure will remain in effect until sites can be inspected and hazard trees removed. Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-4:30 PM, (559) 297-0706 . 10/3 - Middle Fork Road to Trailhead is closed. Ozone and other air pollutants are common here. Goat Mountain. WINTER DRIVING in the Sierra National Forest, may require tire chains & cables - Be prepared for rapidly changing conditions: Chain control is in effect in the Sierra National Forest when roads are snowy and slippery, which may be any time, usually November through April. There are a few small patches that can be avoided by going around on loose sand and rock. Central California Trail Closure Sierra National Forest is closed. First mile north of Col - three smaller snow fields covering trail at various locations. 6/10 – Road is open (Hume Lake Ranger District). 6/29- Cairned route mostly snow free. 7/2 - South Fork of the Kings Crossing (JMT) River is low, approximately 1 ft. deep. Three Rivers, CA Whitney: Ranger viewed small patches of snow at the top of the switchbacks Thousands of people commented on the plan urging additional protection for wild places. Bass Lake Ranger District 57003 Road 225 North Fork, CA 93643. U.S. Forest Service - Sierra National Forest, Clovis, California. Clovis, CA 93611, Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-4:30 PM, (559) 297-0706, Bass Lake Ranger District Explora Sierra National Forest - ve mapas de rutas seleccionadas, instrucciones para llegar así como reseñas detalladas y fotos de excursionistas, campistas y amantes de la naturaleza como tú. Sierra National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located on the western slope of central Sierra Nevada in the state of California. 7/16 - Ranger Lake to Belle Canyon Pass Trail (including spur trails to Lost Lake and Seville Lake) is in good condition. No snow impeded travel, was able to cut east from East Kennedy Lake through Volcanic Lakes region to Granite Pass, which was clear of snow. Grove, and without stopping takes about five hours to drive. Click to view the current SOPA Report . The Byway is a seasonal route as forest roads are blocked by snow and roads are not plowed or maintained during winter months. 6/5 - Based on parkwide snow levels, trail likely free of snow to Lookout Peak. North side of pass has a few small patches of snow. 6/23 - Park side of pass is snow free. 6/19 - Bishop Pass- E. side, lower down 10 to 20 foot, long patches covering trail, avoidable. This Order is effective from June 13, 2018, through June 12, 2019. Sierra National Forest Recreation Site and Road Closure. Bears appear to be unfazed by mild hazing. 7/16 - JO Pass to JO Pass/Twin Lakes jtn: 7 downed trees- one may be stock impassable. Downed tree below Evolution Lake at 10,300' blocks stock access to Evolution Basin. This decision will be re-evaluated daily as conditions change. Wir haben 46 mittelschwere Routen in Sierra National Forest, die von 1.1 bis 44.1 Meilen variieren. SIERRA NATIONAL FOREST REMAINs TEMPORARILY CLOSED OCTOBER 2, 2020 – Sierra National Forest is currently closed to public due to extreme fire danger. The PCT goes through Sierra National Forest from the border with Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park at mile ~856 to the border with Inyo National Forest at mile ~888. High Sierra Ranger District 29688 Auberry Road Prather, CA 93651. 6/10 - Roaring River to Kern Ranger Station: All stream crossings 2 feet or less, not swift but slippery. 100 foot patch of snow on top of Pass. Inyo and Sierra national forests extended their closure orders. Crossed without needing special equipment. 10/3 - Due to the SQF Fire Complex, formed when the Castle Fire and Shotgun Fire merged south of Sequoia National Park, trail closures are in effect in Sequoia National Forest's Golden Trout Wilderness. 7/6 - Marvin Pass to Comanche Meadow: Trail obscured by white thorn bushes in several spots. Hikers should use caution if attempting to cross on the logjam as they can shift without warning.Glen Pass: The North side of the pass has a well-established snowfield crossing and then some navigation required down the scree field to meet back up with the trail a few hundred feet down.The scree field is a bit loose. For more information on trails starting on the east side of the Sierra Nevada, contact the Inyo National Forest Wilderness Permit Office at (760) 873-2483 or check their trail conditions page for more information. Last of switchbacks has 30 foot-long patch avoidable by crawling over boulders. Please Note: We also offer Fat Tire Mountain Biking! The South Side has one small remaining snow patch. Read More.. SIERRA NATIONAL FOREST AND COVID-19 JUNE 18, 2020 – Some developed recreation and day use picnic sites have met the guidelines of the CDC, and state and local agencies and have re-opened. 7/28 - Pass is snow-free. Do not rely on trail updates in spring, fall, and winter when there are very few rangers in the field. 6/15 - The trail was 100% snow free all the way to Grouse lake and virtually snow free all the way to the top of The following acts are prohibited within the Sierra National Forest: 1. Bitte geben Sie ein anderes Datum ein. Hiking poles recommended. 5/28 - Observed from Little Baldy. Full Details. Inyo side above 11,500 ft patchy snow. There is one tree down about ½ mile down from the Kearsarge Lakes junction that could be a stock-stopper. Hiking poles recommended. Shaver Lake - Sierra National Forest CA; Map No. Kaweah Gap was passable with a bit of trail finding through very small snowy areas. 7/2 - Trail crew is clearing from Roaring River to Avalanche Pass today. High Sierra Ranger District 29688 Auberry Road Prather, CA 93651. 7/26 - "Stock-stopper" tree blocking trail at the northernmost creek crossing. Sierra National Forest Headquarters 1600 Tollhouse Road Clovis, CA 93611. 7/12 - There is one remaining snow patch along Evolution Lake; it is not stock-passable. There is a stock-stopper boulder on the North Side; hikers won’t have a problem going around it. Entering or using the Developed Recreation Sites listed below and shown on Exhibits A, B and C. Bass Lake Ranger District 7/1 - Kennedy Pass: Patchy snow above 10,000 ft, mainly on north facing slopes, a tiny bit of snow on the N. side of Kennedy Pass. This decision will be re-evaluated daily as conditions change. 6/19 - Horseshoe meadows to the Siberian Outpost/PCT Junction is completely snow-free and stock-passable. 6/22 - Mostly snow-free. Sierra, Sequoia, and Inyo national forests are under a temporary closure order as of Monday, September 7, 2020. WINTER DRIVING in the Sierra National Forest, may require tire chains & cables - Be prepared for rapidly changing conditions: Chain control is in effect in the Sierra National Forest when roads are snowy and slippery, which may be any time, usually November through April. The closure does not impact Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. For more information, check the web pages for Sequoia, Inyo, and Sierra national forests. Summit clear of snow. A boat-taxi across the lake is available from the trailhead in the summer. Learn more-view our air-quality index forecast. You can then follo… There are local ranger district offices in … Sierra National Forest; Suchen. 8,690′). The Hite Cove Trail is located 5.6 miles from Mariposa, California (CA) in Sierra National Forest. Trekking poles helpful. VER MAPA COMPLETO. Bridge is out at Upper Paradise and the crossing is wide with about 2 ft. deep and swift. 7/2 - No downed trees from Marvin Pass to Roaring River via Sugarloaf Valley. 6/29 - JMT from Crabtree to Mt.Whitney summit: Crabtree to Guitar Lake: snow-free. 7/10 - Small snow patch, easily avoidable, rest is clear. Sierra National Forest. 7/6 - Report of tread damage to constructed switchbacks south of Bubbs Creek 10/3 - Palisade Creek Crossing at Middle Fork/PCT junction- 2 feet deep and swift for about 5 feet. Construction on Beasore Road will begin on Wednesday June 10th, 2020 paving work will take place on the road one (1) mile passed the Chiquito Bridge. 10/3 - Trail closed due to SQF Complex and Rattlesanke Fires. The East Side holds a 100ft long, steep, rotten patch of snow. 7/10- Chagoopa Plateau: Several down trees, not good for equestrians. 6/20 - 90% snow-free. Snow is rotten, route-finding is necessary and trekking poles are necessary. Tree is 1/2 mile down from the Kearsarge Lakes juction on the High Trail. Sierra National Forest Headquarters 1600 Tollhouse Road Clovis, CA 93611. The terrain includes rolling, oak-covered foothills, heavily forested middle elevation slopes and the starkly beautiful alpine landscape of the High Sierra. Majority of snow was east of 'the hump.' Check this page for current information about what's currently open in the parks. There is a shallow section just down stream from the old bridge. 5/28 - Many scattered snow fields above Hamilton on approach to Gap, possibly avoidable. For the most recent updates and a map of the closures, check the Inciweb page for the Rattlesnake Fire. In response to guidance from the Tulare County Department of Public Health and for the health and safety of our visitors, employees, volunteers, and partners, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are temporarily closed until further notice. Sierra, and Inyo national forests are under a temporary closure order as of Monday, September 7, 2020. Wilderness permits must be reserved in advance between Memorial Day weekend and mid-September. Many foot prints to follow. 7/7 - 4 downed trees between Roaring River and Big Wet Meadow. Vehicles staged at Voyager Rock Photo: USFS/(file) Motor Vehicle use Maps (MVUM) To locate roads and trails designated for vehicle use, and their opening/closing dates on the Sierra National Forest please click here.It is your responsibility to reference the MVUM to stay on designated routes for motor vehicle use. 5/28 – Observed from Little Baldy. Fresno, Madera, and Mariposa Counties, California. 6/26 - North side small patches of snow no special equipment necessary. After running up the bottom of the Kern Canyon, it turns east, climbing parallel to Wallace Creek up to the junction with the John Muir Trail, 49 miles (79 km) from the starting point. 6/19 - Kearsarge Pass: snow-free/stock-passable 7/23 - Charlotte Lakes: Multiple reports of bears obtaining food rewards from improperly stored food in Kearsarge Lakes, Charlotte Lake, Vidette Meadow, and Bubbs Creek areas. To Ranger Lake, Trail in good condition. 10/3 - Trail south of the pass is closed due to SQF Complex and Rattlesanke Fires. Patches of snow along the ridge line to summit, advise staying way from edge to avoid possible overhanging cornice. Straightforward crossings. Helen Lake to Muir Pass: 50% snow-covered. 'Trail' difficult to follow at Heather Lake. All creeks crossings in the Tyndal area are manageable. They can be reached at (559) 297-0706. For the most up to date information on frontcountry trails, check in at the visitor center closest to your trailhead. Conclusions – Sierra National Forest was unable to complete plans stated in the 2009/2010 grant and has not added necessary new capacity to complete areas previously left incomplete. Sierra National Forest was the second National Forest created in California and the largest at the time. 7/12 - There are ten 10-20ft long snowfields on the North Side. 7/2 - Roaring River to Elizabeth Pass clear of downed trees. 7/16 - via Rowell Meadow: Trails are in good condition. Add Your Trails. You can help us by sending an email to report trail conditions. 6/15 - The Kings River crossing at Upper Paradise is passable. If you're planning a trip in the park that crosses into the national forest, check SQF Complex fire conditions before you hike, and expect smoke impacts. On June 29th road will close to through traffic for bridge replacement.

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