For example, in the beginning, you invested 60% in shares and 40% in FDs but with the passage of time, the ratio changed to 75:25 ratio which has put your investment at risk. The purpose of this practice is to ensure that accurate and reliable information about the configuration of services, and the CIs that support them, is available when and where it is needed. Another key aspect of a good service desk is its practical understanding of the wider organization, the business processes, and the users. The goal of the change control practice is to maximize the number of successful IT changes by ensuring that risks have been properly assessed, authorizing changes to proceed, and managing the change schedule. It may also include documentation, training (for users or IT staff), updated processes or tools, and any other components that are required. Service Management and the CMDB A Service Portfolio system should maintain information about each service that it manages. Understanding the cost and value of assets is essential to also comprehending the cost and value of products and services and is therefore an important underpinning factor in everything the service provider does. IT services are technology functions that are offered with support and management. Portfolio management is a coherent, focused strategy for managing investments in a harmonized fashion versus just buying and selling a collection of individual investment holdings. In short, the IT Asset Management practice is about understanding “content” (what we have), and the Service Configuration Management practice is about understanding “context” (the relationships between what we have). The purpose of this practice is to capture demand for incident resolution and service requests. The IT Service Catalog is the customer-visible portion of your portfolio. Definition: The Service Portfolio represents a complete list of the services managed by the service provider. Most IT service providers say they have a service catalogue and some even say that they have a service portfolio. Microsoft 365. The deployment then makes the new functionality available. Jean and Raymond, 61 and 63, financially quite comfortable Married in […] › The requirements for configuration management must be based on an understanding of the organization’s goals, and how configuration management contributes to value creation. Service portfolio management is a critical part of the ITIL Service Lifecycle. Since service requests are pre-defined and pre-agreed as a normal part of service delivery, they can usually be formalized, with a clear, standard procedure for initiation, approval, fulfillment, and management. 4. The practice of reducing the likelihood and impact of incidents by identifying actual and potential causes of incidents and managing workarounds and known errors. Normally, the IT Service Portfolio is managed in conjunction with other business and investment portfolios managed by executives outside of IT. The IT Steering Group reviews the business and IT strategies in order to make sure that they are aligned. By establishing service portfolios, you can more precisely evaluate the impact that services have on your business, and prioritize them accordingly. Retired Services comprise the third component of the IT Service Portfolio. The practice of providing an understanding of all the different elements that make up an organization and how those elements relate to one another. Make an effort to give a compelling visual summary of the project. Going through the exercise of building a service catalog will also get your teams to agree on what constitutes a service, which can be a difficult concept for folks to digest for the first time. Service Charters are passed to Service Design to initiate the detailed design of the new or changed service. There is 1 comment awaiting user validation. Another challenge is that organizations do not know where to start or struggle with understanding the concept of services. A Service Model is a high-level description of a service and the components required to deliver that service. While the IT Service Portfolio represents all the services that the IT shop offers, the project portfolio is a listing of all the projects that the organization has chartered. Administrators configure the portfolio services that you access through the Service Catalog. The main purpose of Service Models is to facilitate an understanding of what service components, assets and other resources are necessary to create the service, including their interactions. This reduces the number and impact of future incidents. The portfolio manager keeps an eye on the portfolio and whenever he or she feels that the portfolio has crossed the level of the risk appetite of the investor, they rebalance it accordingly. If you have not done so already, define IT services (not just the “Stuff IT does”) and review services with key customer focus groups. Someone recently reminded me that it is always easier to edit than to create from scratch. The practice of designing products and services that are fit for purpose, fit for use, and that can be delivered by the organization and its ecosystem. Consider the sample structure as a starting point. Welcome to lesson 2 of the ITIL Intermediate SOA tutorial, which is a part of the ITIL Intermediate SOA Foundation Certification course.In this lesson we will learn about Service Portfolio Management and its features.. Let us look at the objectives of this lesson. Speaking of project management methodologies, over the past five or so years there has been talk about agile portfolio management, but few seem to really understand what that means, especially when it comes to service management and IT strategy. In organizations with fully developed SMOs, the organization may also broker shared resources (budget, staff, equipment), provide templates, and even service management training. Ready to start? Incidents with a low impact must be managed efficiently to ensure that they do not consume too many resources. What are Challenges to Creating an IT Service Portfolio? ITIL Service portfolio lists three types of services under Service Portfolio Management Process, they are: Live Services (Also known as Service Catalogue), Service Pipeline, and Retired Services (A.K.A Dead Services).. Live Services or Service Catalogue: It is a database of all the current service offerings by a service provider, which are readily available for deployment. Change control is usually focused on changes in products and services.Change control must balance the need to make beneficial changes that will deliver additional value with the need to protect customers and users from the adverse effect of changes. There are two types of portfolio management services. Service requests are a normal part of service delivery and are not a failure or degradation of service, which are handled as incidents. Think of the Service Catalog as the restaurant menu or the department store catalog. Service catalogs are covered in the Service Catalog Management practices under Service Management practices. In part, the IT Service Portfolio confuses organizations because too many IT shops engage in what we call “the stuff IT does.” In other words, many IT organizations behave (and even think of themselves) as order takers. A Service Management Organization (SMO) serves as the manager of the IT Service Portfolio and serves as the ultimate gatekeeper and maintainer of all IT services. The aim of this document is to define the purpose, scope, principles and activities of the Service Portfolio Management process and it is applied to the entire IT Service Management (ITSM) organization. Work with service owners and the PMO (or your organization’s equivalent) to create the pipeline of services that are in development but are not yet being offered to customers. PDF; Size: 6 MB. Identify which critical factors are key to ensuring quality. The practice of providing a single source of consistent information on all services and service offerings and ensuring that it is available to the relevant audience. According to ITIL, an IT Service Portfolio is “the complete list of services that are managed by a service provider. Responsibility Matrix: ITIL Service Portfolio Management, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Service Portfolio Management,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License, Process Objective: To define the desired outcomes of a proposed new or changed service, analyze the impacts on existing services in the, A Change Proposal describes a proposed major Change, like the introduction of a new service or a substantial change to an existing service. In ITIL, these errors are called problems and they are addressed by the problem management practice. Service Pipeline represents all the new services or changes in the existing services that emerge from the Strategy phase, through the Design, and are prepared for the Operation phase by the Transition activities. The relationship management practice ensures that: Originally published January 01 2018, updated September 09 2020, 1325 G Street NW, Suite 1020, Washington, DC 20005, 60 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Suite 900, Tempe, AZ 85281, 4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92121, Beyond20 at Creative Enterprise Solutions, LLC | 8(a) Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned Small Business | GSA Schedule: GS-35F-137AA | DUNS #: 006078659 | NAICS Codes: 541511, 541512, 541519, 541614, 611420, and 611430. The practice of ensuring that new or changed products and services meet defined requirements. Project Portfolio Management Service Search Report. Managing services as a portfolio is a new concept in ITIL. The ITIL v3 process named Release and Deployment Management was separated into two ITIL 4 Practices – Release Management and Deployment Management, which will be detailed further below. The practice of ensuring that risks are properly assessed, authorizing changes to proceed and managing a change schedule in order to maximize the number of successful service and product changes. By the way, we've just launched a brand new IT Service Catalog Specialist Certification Course. Longer term, it can be a challenge to keep the portfolio up-to-date. In spite of thinking that there is no absolute answer to… For up to 6 people For 1 person. The SMO also creates and enforces process regarding service retirement decisions. This ITIL process ensures that the service provider has the right mix of services to meet required business outcomes at an appropriate level of investment. › A major concern in managing projects and programs is doing projects right. In high-velocity organizations, it is a common practice to decentralize change approval, making the peer review a top predictor of high performance.As with ITIL v3, ITIL 4 defines three main categories of change – Normal, Emergency, and Standard changes (as shown below). VeriSM™ is a registered trademark of IFDC. It contains present contractual commitments, new service development, and ongoing service improvement plans initiated by Continual Service Improvement. Included in the scope of the continual improvement practice is the development of improvement-related methods and techniques along with a continual improvement culture and mindset across the organization, in alignment with the organization’s overall strategy. Regardless of the number or type of portfolios, it is important that a governance process exists to ensure that portfolios do not duplicate services and that no key customer services are excluded. In the end, a business portfolio template is all about a company’s strategic planning. The practice of ensuring that an organization understands and effectively handles risks. As we did that, we started with the undeniable efficiency behind that resource. ISO/IEC 20000® is a registered trademark of ISO. But the problem with PPM is that it often stops short, when the project ceases – and as a new service reaches customers on a daily basis – with PPM no longer measuring value at this point. This allows customers to use information technology without managing complexities such as maintenance, security, scalability and resilience. IT asset management contributes to the visibility of assets and their value, which is a key element to successful service management as well as being useful to other practices. Instead, agile portfolio management, much like agile project management, borrows concepts from the Agile Manifesto. ITIL Service portfolio lists three types of services under Service Portfolio Management Process, they are: Live Services (Also known as Service Catalogue), Service Pipeline, and Retired Services (A.K.A Dead Services).. Live Services or Service Catalogue: It is a database of all the current service offerings by a service provider, which are readily available for deployment. DevOps gathers employees from various parts of the business (IT, Sales, Marketing, Software Development, etc.) Service Portfolio Management. Also, be sure to get feedback from customers on ways to improve the portfolio. This practice is focused on setting clear business-based targets for service performance, so that the delivery of a service can be properly assessed, monitored, and managed against these targets. Information security controls should consider all aspects of the organization and align with its risk appetite. ITIL Intermediate SOA - Service Portfolio Management Tutorial. Incidents have an impact on users or business processes and must be resolved so that normal business activity can take place. We have a number of detailed articles that can help you. Determine how to deliver services so that they reach the people who need them. The monitoring part of the practice focuses on the systematic observation of services and the CIs that underpin services to detect conditions of potential significance. It's the only one of it's kind in the industry. Another Great Site for Service Catalog Examples: HEIT Management I trust that you find these sites useful. As mentioned before, Service Design is very resource intensive; therefore, Service Portfolio Management has the crucial role to evaluate, prioritize, and propose new services … Following the introduction of the Strategy Management for IT Services process in ITIL 2011, Service Portfolio Management has been re-focused to cover activities more closely associated with managing the Service Portfolio. This company portfolio example has been designed to help you create your own document quickly, easily and without the hassle of starting it all from scratch. The process overview of Service Portfolio Management (.JPG) shows the key information flows (see fig. You may be surprised to find that some of your newer offerings are not listed anywhere or that some retired services are still lingering in active service listings. It is tempting to skip this step. A program is a group of related projects, often with a common goal. How Many Types of IT Portfolios Should my Organization Have? Download. Service portfolio management ensures that the service provider is offering right combination of services to meet the customer’s need. So, were you able to identify what you need to do here? The Service Portfolio is described in the ITIL books Service Strategy and Service Design. Daily routine and experience have shown that, while most administrators familiarize themselves It provides a meaningful and cost-effective alignment between the IT services and strategic goals for the business. Service portfolio management ensures that the service provider is offering right combination of services to meet the customer’s need. All services in the IT Service Portfolio should be linked to the Customer Portfolio, Customer Agreement Portfolio, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and underpinning contracts. What is the Relationship Between the IT Service Portfolio and DevOps? If you're a property manager or offer property management services, our free sample proposal template shows an example of how to pitch your property management services. But in the world of project portfolio management (PPfM), the goal is doing the right projects at the right time, and with this, aligning projects with strategy, rationing resources, and building synergies between projects. Problems are the causes of incidents. How Does the IT Service Portfolio Relate to the Applications Portfolio? Just as Agile Portfolio Management sits at the intersection of IT Strategy, services, and projects, DevOps connects the IT Service Portfolio to IT Strategic Planning and ongoing operations. This schedule should be negotiated and agreed with customers and other stakeholders. Datenschutz nach DSGVO und BDSG-neu. The practice of supporting good decision-making and continual improvement by decreasing levels of uncertainty. ServiceNow Service Portfolio Management enables you to improve your IT business operations and meet customer demands by documenting and managing your IT services using a … The service desk should be the empathetic and informed link between the service provider and its users. Download. Service portfolio management is the process of managing and improving the business through careful assessment of quality requirements, associated costs as well The practice of ensuring that all an organization’s projects are successfully delivered. It also includes third-party services which are an integral part of service offerings to customers. This practice is concerned with minimizing the negative impact of incidents by restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible. For now, think about the difference between a supermarket and a restaurant. SERVICE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT | INTRODUCTION | 3 1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose of the Document Xpert.NET is a very dynamic help desk solution that can be configured in nearly every direction. ITIL 4 refers to Service Portfolio Management as a general management practice, and has renamed the practice to "Portfolio management". This line-of-sight between services in the portfolio and customers who use the services keeps customer value at the forefront. Service request management is dependent upon well-designed processes and procedures, which are operationalized through tracking and automation tools to maximize the efficiency of the practice. Prozessoptimierung nach Kanban. Monitoring should be performed in a highly automated manner and can be done actively or passively. In either case, a release plan will specify the exact combination of new and changed components to be made available, and the timing for their release. It is important that the effort needed to collect and maintain configuration information is balanced with the value that the information creates. Project Portfolio Management is the centralized management of all components of a project, from processes and methods to technologies. The practice of ensuring that accurate and reliable information about the configuration of services, and the configuration items that support them, is available when and where needed. Service pricing. However, some remain unidentified or unresolved, and may be a risk to live services. --   COBIT® is a registered trademark of ISACA. They give customers desktops, and laptops, and software, and telephones, and the list goes on. Problems are related to incidents, but should be distinguished as they are managed in different ways: In the problem management practice, there are three phases that generally take place as shown below. Project portfolio management or PPM can be understood as the process that the project managers of a firm use. In some organizations, the term ‘provisioning’ is used to describe the deployment of infrastructure, and deployment is only used to mean software deployment, but in this case the term deployment is used to mean both. Instead, services in the pipeline are those that have been discussed and vetted between the business customer and IT, and a conscious decision has been made to charter a project to develop these services. It is likely that much of this information will come from the project management function in your organization. ITIL V3 introduces the process for managing the Service Portfolioat the strategic level.

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