You may also use the shortened structure that omits the title for sources that you cite several times in a row. If you watched the recording on a Web site, list the Web site as the container, the name of the site’s publisher–if different from the Web site’s title–and the URL: Munby, Jonathan, director. New York: Grand Central Publishing. In J. McCarter (Ed. Cite sources in APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard for free. Title of the Anthology. If the book is an eBook, it will also require the location of the eBook, generally the database provider and URL. Death of a Salesman. To cite a recorded performance of a play, follow the MLA format template. Published Script Miller, Arthur. 23-26). The Merchant of Venice. Any literary interpretation of any play will inevitably include quotes from the work; to avoid plagiarism claims and give credence to your work, you must always cite the information in the text of your essay or paper. Capitalize only the first word of the play's title and any proper nouns such as people's or place names within the title. Chicago Format. Shakespeare, William. Here’s an example: Robisheaux, Langenburg, 58; Robisheaux, 59. Citation Machine®: INTERNATIONAL-JOURNAL-OF-PLAY Format & INTERNATIONAL-JOURNAL-OF-PLAY Citation Generator Citing Plays in the Works Cited List. Place the titles of one-act plays in quotation marks. ... Write the title of the play with no special formatting such as quotation marks or italics. “Play Title.” If the play is from an anthology or collection, it should be cited at follows: Playwright Lastname, Firstname. The examples below are for a print book. From William Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde to George Bernard Shaw, playwrights have long defined and entertained cultures around the world. "Play Title." Apply the MLA format template to the work to create your works-cited-list entry. For your Works Cited page, when citing a play from a book you'll need to include both the book publication information and the play information. There are some basic facts that must be included in each citation, regardless of the format your paper uses. How you cite the play in your works cited list will depend upon the source of the play. Yes. Structure: Play author. One-act plays fall in this category. Citation Machine® helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use. Ed. How to Cite a Play in APA. As the MLA Handbook explains, the title of an independent work (that is, a work that usually stands alone, such as a play, novel, or artwork) is styled in italics, even when the work is contained in another independent work (27):. Use the following structure to cite a published play in Chicago format: Playwright Last name, First name. … Whether you use them all in your citation depends on the format you’re using: By William Shakespeare. MLA calls for titles of short works, such as articles and short poems, to be put in quotation marks. If I’m citing an entire play reprinted in an anthology, does it appear in italics? Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015. ), Hamilton: the revolution (pp. Keep in mind that if you cite a different source, you need to use the full shortened structure the next time you cite from a source you have used before. The script of a play and each performance of it are different works and should be cited separately. Title of the Play. Kristie Sweet Updated March 07, 2017 . Here’s how the above example looks as an APA citation: Miranda, L. (2016). The world of citations may seem cut and dry, but there’s more to them than just specific capitalization rules, MLA in-text citations, and other formatting specifications.Citations have been helping researches document their sources for hundreds of years, and are a great way to learn more about a particular subject area. Robisheaux, 70. In order to correctly cite Hamlet as a source — or any other play — when using a book as the source, you’ll need to gather the following pieces of information. 6 Interesting Citation Facts. Hamilton: an American musical. Citing sources in a Works Cited page requires some attention to detail and a clear understanding of the instructor's directions. A play that consists of only one act is considered a short play, while a play that has more than one act is considered a long play.

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