Continuing counterclockwise, there’re some planks to break on the other side of the waterfall — left side of arena. Climb up and out of the cave to enter a new area — Wildwood’s End. You’ll also see a Nornir chest above you, but don’t worry about that yet — just get to the other side of the puzzle. Look to the right of the Nornir Chest to find a blue crystal you can shoot to make a path to a Shatter Crystal, and throw it at the wall to the left of the chest to find the “R” looking rune to the left of the Hidden Chamber. Enchantments that give you perks when you parry are also useful here given the amount of opportunities you'll have to make use of. Be sure never to take your eyes off the Valkyrie so you can be ready to parry or dodge at a moment's notice. God of War is full of surprises, and that makes guides particularly tricky to write. If you’re going to fight weaker enemies, look for opportunities to knock or kick them off ledges. Drop back down the chain. Now, you’ll meet Brok. Drop back down and continue around to the left to find the second More than a Myth shrine. Head back to main path, and you’ll find Faces of Magic artifact 3 at your feet.After another touching moment, follow the cliff’s edge to find Faces of Magic artifact 4. The River Pass can be explored shortly after starting your adventure, and includes forested areas, ruins, and a sanctuary home to a Witch of the Woods - and her cave below. Lore 2: Once you fall down from the bridge into the Marketplace Ruins, defeat the Draugr, and Atreus will likely go to inspect a large column nearby that’s filled with runes of lore. You can parry several of her attacks, after which she's vulnerable to your attacks for a few seconds. The first seal is above your head — look above and to the left of the broken wall. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Is there a way to go back and get the first rune chest in the river pass post game? After entering the Witch's Cave for the first time, head down the bridge and go left across platforms to a boat. This section of the God of War Walkthrough is dedicated to the Nornir Chests of The River Pass. Take it to a receptacle to the left of the bridge to the Witch’s House, then down below to the lone platform in the middle of the lower cave area. God of War Horn of Blood Mead Locations – Rune Puzzle Solutions River Pass runic chest solution. Have Atreus inspect the runes by the rock wall to decipher the meaning of the Rune Reads: Giants! Stand near the middle of the arena where you can see all three bells and start throwing your axe. You’ll come right to a legendary chest with a Talisman of Concentrated Vitality inside. In the area where you kill the Troll in The River Pass, look off to the left side of the arena for a cliff overlooking the distant mountain where the Nornir Chest is. The lower one doesn’t. The second is through the broken wall on your left. The first seal is to the right of the chest. River Pass + Witch's Cave: 5 Nornir Chests #1 After the Revenant (Health Upgrade) There’s nothing to pick up in here, so just keep moving through. At the second right, go past the waterfall for some loose hacksilver. I went to each location prolly 3 times and all the chests with the blue rune locks are open. Below you will find details on where to locate all of the collectibles in this area -  but note that some may require you to come back later when you have the tools needed to get to certain areas. There’s a very tough, level 3 draugr here, so be prepared for a fight. Hop across the platforms to the chest. The chest can be easily seen as you are making your way through the cave and the first rune is easily spotted behind it. Look at the center of the arena. In this chapter you will find information how to discover all secrets in the River Pass. Cross the next bridge as well. It is the second region you can explore in the game, and part of your main Journey. Nornir Chest Number Two Location: River Pass. (You can see the precise location in the fourth image in the gallery above.). Rune Reads: The Mountain. On the right side of the structure your raised to solve the sand puzzle earlier, you’ll see some Winds of Hel Energy. Head back to the main path and just keep following along until you come to a big arena and a troll. Carry it back around front and place it next to the lore marker to read some more. Subscribe to the VG247 newsletter! Retrace your steps back to the gap, then turn to the left. You’ll also find an Odin’s raven raven sitting on a ledge there. He’ll upgrade your axe and you’ll have to fight a few more draugr. As you’re going through the tunnels, you’ll run into a giant spike trap. It will reveal a Legendary chest with the Storm of the Elks runic summon for Atreus. Nornir Chest 1 This Nornir Chest is located not far from Sindri's shop at the base of the Foothills, just up the path on the right. Go back to where you first put the flame before you brought it to the chest, and throw your axe at the higher contraption. Head back to the wall you climbed down and climb all the way up. There are a few runes scattered around that you can have Atreus read. Climb back up the chain, and go to the edge of the cliff. The “C” looking rune is located back upstream behind one of the giant ribs. Go back to the gap and look across - you can get it from here with a well-aimed overhand throw. We want to help you with the game. Head straight through the tunnel to a ruined village and drop down. Deal with the Draugr in bulk, using runic AOE attacks to make quick work of them so you can continue focusing on Kara, and the Blades of Chaos, even if they do less damage, can ensure all targets get hit and taken out. As you head down the path to the house, look to the right to find the body of a dead soldier holding one of the Faces of Magic Artifacts, the Hole Mask. After the waters have gone down once, you can use Light Arrows at the lowest part of the cave to create a bridge past a Nornir Chest to find a wall of red sap - break it with Shock Arrows and climb up to find the chamber, which leads to a lift down to the gateway. To find the third one, you’ll need to cross the wooden bridge. ". Before you solve the puzzle with the wheel and bridge, sweep the room for hacksilver on the floor. Moving to the ledge beyond this room, jump and climb up to a higher level where the path splits, and go right to find a Nornir Chest near a bridge to the exit of the ruins. At the far end of the arena is another Nornir chest. Turn around and climb on top of the spiked ceiling — you’re now on the same level as the Nornir chest. Open chest for your first Horn of Blood Mead. You can light up the chest to see what the symbols are supposed to be. As with all Valkyries, Kara is weak at the beginning, when she’s descending from her winged cocoon. From Santa Monica Studio and creative director Cory Barlog comes a new beginning for one of gaming’s most recognizable icons in the epic PlayStation 4 entry in the God of War franchise. (It’s at the top on the opposite side, closer to the cliff.). There is 1 Valkyrie located in The River Pass. Now you can look to the left of the bridge entrance for the “R” looking run high up on a ledge behind a chest. Once you have the ability to manipulate the Winds of Hel, look to the right past the lift in the Witch's Cave past the well going up where a Cipher Chest is, and grab the Winds of Hel located here. A note on God of War spoilers. In the marketplace ruins - head to the area where you fought your first Revenant. Legendary Chests: 1 Odin’s Ravens: 1 Video Guide The Iron Cove is accessed […] This Rune Gate puzzle can be frustrating, because the runes are very well-hidden. There’s also an Odin’s raven sitting on the roof of a house. If you have Atreus' arrows upgraded as well, you can make swift work of them using him as an assist - Shock Arrows with Chain Lighting work wonders here, as does Runic Summons that hinder or damage foes in a wide area. Head back to main path — where you fought the nightmares. At the top, you’ll be outside of the witch’s house. In a room on your right, you’ll find a wall to climb up. Then leave the winds in the final rune receptacle until it cycles to the backwards "B" looking rune before taking the Winds to the chest to open it. As you make the climb up the well, have Atreus read the runes to uncover a Rune Reading: Keep Out. You’ll see one of Odin’s ravens on one top of the ribs. Warp to the Witch’s Lower Cave Level Mystic Gateway, and open the Hidden Chamber there. The third seal is on that catwalk. This is a clue for a sand bowl you’ll solve in a second. This walkthrough will guide you to all the collectibles in The River Pass Region in chronological order. The less time you have to deal with them, the better. There’s nothing else to pick up until after your interactions with the witch, so just play until you’re leaving the Witch of the Wood’s house. Turn around, and you’ll see two devices. Before leaving, turn around to hop up a small ledge. Here, you’ll find pictures and a video that will help you to locate and open them. Throw your axe to break them and have the boy climb up and drop the chain for you. To get to the chamber head to The Witch's Cave and go down to the lower level. Have Atreus fire on weaker enemies to stun then and drain their health. Inside, you’ll find your third (if you’ve been following our guides) Idunn apple and get a nice health boost. Head to the bottom floor and create paths using Light Arrows to a wall of sap you can shatter with nearby Shatter Crystal. The “C” looking rune is found through the broken spiked wall on the way to a chest full of Hacksilver. Recommended Level: 5 for a manageable fight, Lvl. Go behind the fourth house to find Faces of Magic artifact 6. Whenever she swoops to attack, strafe and dodge to avoid it. Lore 1: As you first take the path from the Wildwoods to The River Pass, you'll enter an area where ranged Draugr first appear. Location: Found in Legendary Chest in “The River Pass” Region, outside the Witch’s Cave where the turtle house is. A list of all God of War Runic Attacks and their locations. Return to the Nornir chest, and open it for the Symbol of Heart, a Legendary enchantment with boosts to Strength and Defense. This walkthrough will guide you to all the collectibles in Iron Cove Region in chronological order. To solve the River Pass spinning rune door puzzle in God of War, you have to align the three spinning rings so that the runes match and form a word. The second one is in the River Pass. Once he does, climb up and turn left. After you defeat the troll, there are a few things to do in this arena. Follow the path to the end to find Faces of Magic artifact 1. Rune Reads: The River Pass. The River Pass is one of the main Regions in God of War. You’ll come across it after you solve the River Pass Spiked Ceiling Puzzle. These are bosses. We’ll go counterclockwise from where you entered. Everything that’s needed for trophies and 100% completion is included. On your left, you’ll find the final Faces of Magic artifact and complete the set. Cross the light bridge and look right past a Nornir Chest for a Shatter Crystal you can toss at a red wall of sap opposite the Nornir Chest, which leads up to the chamber. Here’s how to solve the Witch’s Cave puzzle in God of War, get back into the Witch’s house, and get the locked rune chest along the way. Look for a chain to climb up to a ledge and head to the end of the path past the raven to an overlook of the Witch’s House that can let you plainly see all the runes upon the rocks that solve the riddle. Now you can return to Brok and spend all your money and resources — don’t forget to sell all of your artifacts for some extra cash. Drop down to find a chest. The third is on the other side of the bridge. Head along the edge of the plateau to the far side where you’ll find a dead soldier, and he holds another of The Faces of Magic, and grab this next mask. Kara can summon additional level 4 Draugr for Kratos to deal with, which are more of a pain and distraction than a challenge, especially as the fight drags on and Shield, Speed, and Ranged Draugr starts getting thrown in. Continue along the main path. The “R” looking rune is found just to the left above the waterfall. Nothing is missable, everything can be collected after the story. Now you can return to the main path. You’ll get an oblivion stone crafting resource, a Stone of Frost Mastery enchantment, some hacksilver and some soft Svartalfheim steel. Go to the right of Brok’s shop and follow the path. Fight the nightmares, then go to the left for some hacksilver. It's located looking back up the ridge from where you initially fell from - but you can also find it from the first Mystic Gateway leading to Brok's Shop across the bridge, just look left along the ridge of the cliff to find it. Fight the draugr, then smash the planks on your left for a chest. Part of God of War guide and walkthrough “The Black Rune” begins after “ The Sickness ,” and the next step along God of War ’s main story Journey is finding the travel rune for Jotunheim. Lore 5: In the area where you fought the Troll of the River Pass, Look to the left of the Nornir Chest to find a wooden wall next to a raised chain. (If you needed this for an upgrade, feel free to backtrack to Brok’s shop — for us, this let us buy Atreus some new armor.). The River Pass is one of the main Regions in God of War. As for the “R” looking rune, it’s hidden behind wooden beams to the left of the chest - you need to raise the platform slightly by throwing your axe at the panels below. Hit them all quickly and you’ll unlock the Nornir Chest. Rune Reads: Other Realms. Turn to your right and look up to find the final Odin’s raven. Seal 2: The second rune is to the right of the chest, sitting against the wall. There are 5 Nornir Chests in The River Pass: 3 Idunn Apples and 2 Horns of Blood Mead. Upon returning to the Witch's Cave after getting Light and Shock Arrows, break the red wall of sap to find a large well you can climb up to the Witch's House. At the top, a green raven sits along the edge - you'll need to aim your axe just a bit higher than the bird to compensate for the drop off. The second Idunn Apple is in the River Pass. Hop over the gap, but before fighting the Valkyrie, take the stairs down. Lore 3: After fighting your first Revenant, head to the ravine you can climb up and cross a bridge to where the path splits. (Follow that tunnel to find a chest.) Cross back in front of Brok’s shop and knock down the bridge. It is the second region you can explore in the game, and part of your main Journey. After you fight off a bunch of draugr, face the front door. There is one Locked Rune Chest in the Foothills. God of War is full of surprises, and that makes guides particularly tricky to write. In the area beyond where you killed the Troll in The River Pass you'll come to a ledge overlooking a destroyed village of several huts. It's just across the bridge from where Brok's first Shop is - outside the ruins where you fight human reavers for the first time. The first Mystic Gateway you can find near the beginning of The River Pass, but it overlooks the pit where you fall from the bridge into the old market. Use the windmill there to raise the ceiling higher, then look at the catwalk in front of you. It leads to a short path with an inactive Nornir Chest, and if you look to the side you can spot one more dead body holding the last of the Faces of Magic Artifact set. Came across what seems to be a glitch in the recording of collectables in The River Pass. Wait for her to come to you and be ready to block and parry any and all incoming attacks, and redirect them at the Valkyrie if you can. To open it, you’ll … [Health Upgrade]: The last nornir chest in this area is on the cliff of the troll arena. As Atreus solves the riddle, the platform he is on will lower, and you can jump across to find a Legendary Chest in an alcove that holds Murder of Crows - a Runic Summon for Atreus. Approach Kyra and begin the fight. The “N” looking rune is found behind you up in the top corner. Once they’re handled, don’t worry about buying a bunch of new stuff just yet — there’s a few things right here that will get you more money and resources. Next to the second house with Hacksilver inside is a tiny husk of a hut you can break. Once you are able to revisit the Witch's House with Shock Arrows, climb up the large well to the ground above and head down in front of the turtle. You can block Kara’s ranged attacks and her winged attacks on the ground, so raise your shield. There’s also a Nornir chest, a Mystic Gateway and a Valkyrie. There's a Legendary Chest on the other side of the big turtle, covered in rubble, as well as a sand bowl. Look for a chain that leads up to a ledge near the giant turtle for a path, and then look up to the left as you pass by some high rocks to find the raven perched up top. God of War The River Pass Collectibles Locations Guide The River Pass is a massive area that has a ton of collectibles for you to find. Once done, move towards the chest and look at the wall behind it to discover the runes to activate. The third right is the exit, so skip it for now. The idea is to get all three kinds of runic Bs, one for each of the symbols on the chest. Backtrack to where you grabbed the pallet, then look in the back corner behind the wooden wall to find a coffin with more soft Svartalfheim steel. Head back up, and enter the arena. (Check out our guide for The Turtle’s Tribute Treasure map to find the loot.) Climb back down the chain, and turn right at the bottom. Head left, and you'll find a Scroll on the floor near a Jotnar Shrine for Atreus to read: Svartalfheim Sealed. Once there, look off to the left side of the arena for a cliff overlooking the distant mountain where the Nornir Chest is. On your right, climb up to find a chest and a stone that cycles through health, rage and XP. After you handle the revenant, continue along until you come to a gap. Get Atreus up top to kick down the chain for you. List of all collectibles in The River Pass: 9x Artifacts; 3x Mystic Gateways; 1x Valkyries ; 1x Shop; 6x Lore markers; 6x Odin's ravens killed; 5x Legendary chests; 5x Nornir's chests Now take it out of there, and run to the chest, placing the winds on the pedestal behind it. Keep to the left. You can take the path to a ridge overlooking the Marketplace, and a ledge going back up to the entrance - near the ledge is a dead soldier holding one of The Faces of Magic masks, part of artifact set. After opening the large riddle door using the sand bowl, enter the tunnel until the path swerves right, but you can go left to climb up to a small pool of water where another of the Faces of Magic artifacts lies. Once you’re safe, recall your axe. Cross to the other side of the cave to place the wind on an upper platform above some Hel Bramble. The “N” looking rune is opposite the Nornir Chest next to a coffin encased in red sap on a ledge. Is there a way to go back and get the first nornir chest in the river pass in god of war post game? The others lie over the bridge - head back to the cliff overlooking the bridge to spot and break both weakpoints to lower the bridge. After you’re past the second one, push it open again to reveal a hidden room and a coffin with some more soft Svartalfheim steel. When you can return to the Witch's Cave with Light and Shock Arrows, head down the path towards where you pushed the pallet into the water to find new blue crystals below that create a path to a Nornir Chest. At the top, turn left and run around behind the well to find a light crystal. The River Pass is the second area you’ll explore in God of War. She can however lift into the air and either toss several magical circle blades at you that angle - making it a wiser choice to block than dodge - or she can prepare an unblockable fast circle that flies straight, but you can dodge to the side. Just down the path from where you fight a Reaver before crossing the bridge that collapses, Atreus will point out a chest on the right. Jump on top of it and across to the next platform to find Faces of Magic artifact 7. The River Pass contains 39 Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4). There are 6 of Odin's Ravens located in the River Pass, all of which are perched and not flying. The upper one has runes on it. Thankfully, almost all of Kara's attacks are blockable, some of which can stagger you like Gunnr, although her scythe attacks have no follow up, and her wing slices don't end in an unblockable jab. You’ll put a big dent in her health bar at the beginning. In the area after the spiky chamber past Brok's Shop, head right up the path to where the large sealed door requires you to solve the sand bowl riddle. Grab the Faces of Magic artifact along the way. Look across the yard to make sure you got the runes written on the wall below the lore marker you read when you first came out of the well. As the ceiling descends, a new platform appears that you can leap to and find locked Nornir Chest. We don’t want to spoil it. (It’s super hard to see, so don’t be surprised if it takes you some time to find it.). We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Entering the spike ceiling chamber after Brok's Shop and the first Mystic Gate, pass through to the other side where a ledge leads to the exit. Jump across the pillars to continue along toward your goal. There’a an Odin’s raven sitting on a ledge. Go into the fight with lots of Spartan Rage. Continue along that tunnel and drop down. Launch your axe it to kill it. In this section, we’ll show you the location of the remaining two ravens. Rune Reads: Volunder Mines. After defeating the Troll in the River Pass, you'll be in a large area with giant rib bones rising up from the ground. Enter the tunnel and continue along the main path forward to where you can spot a large opening far up an incline. Lore 7: As you climb out of the well to the forest around the Witch's House, next to the overlook is a Lore Marker missing its text. The first rage upgrade on our list is still nestled in the River Pass, but this time it’s tied to a much more complicated puzzle. Put the Winds in the ball at the top. Seal 3: The third rune is on the left-hand side of the room in a stone sarcophagus. Walk down the hill and climb up the chain in the distance. If you continue past the coffin, you’ll open up a shortcut back to an earlier area. im not. Nornir Chest 8/22. As soon as you enter the cave, smash through the planks on your left to find some hacksilver. Grab the pallet full of rocks and move it toward the water. Use this opportunity to chain together as many runic attacks as you can. For the main walkthrough of this area - see the pages. Take the lift down and you'll find the Raven in the arena here. Everything that’s needed for trophies and 100% completion is included. The second Mystic Gateway can be found in the Witch's Cave below her home at the end of the River Pass. Clear out the fire-tossing draugr, then look around for loot. This will reveal a Legendary Chest holding the Rampage of the Furies - a new Light Runic Attack for your Blades of Chaos. The next area you’ll come to is a puzzle with spiked ceiling. Find every Runic Attack Location in GOW 2018 with this rune guide. At the top, turn right and handle the draugr. Turn toward Chaurli the turtle and run around to the left. Head back the other way and jump across the gap. 6 for an easier one. You can reach it after completing the boss fight with Magni and Modi, Thor’s sons and obtaining the Magic Chisel. Nothing is missable, everything can be collected after the story. Take the first right and climb up to find a chest. Return back up the well out of the Witch’s Cave to where the turtle resides, and look at the giant arch you summoned using the sand bowl. We want to help you with the game. After inspecting it, look up at the ceiling to spy runes behind wooden boards you can break with your axe. A final artifact can be found climbing the chain next to the Rune Reads in front of the turtle. The third is tricky. Take the chain next to that chest down to find another coffin — this is where you destroyed the second Nornir seal earlier. The boy will run up to the sand bowl and solve it. Rune Reads: Veithurgard. A little to the right, look around the rocks to find The Turtle’s Tribute buried treasure. There’s also an Odin’s raven to kill in the area. She’s not the most powerful Valkyrie you’ll face, but calls reinforcements, which can be a pain. Once that’s handled, open the coffin for some soft Svartalfheim steel — a crafting resource. Have the boy read it, then climb up. Turn right to find some more soft Svartalfheim steel in a coffin. Side Quest: 0---Is there a way to go back and get the first rune chest in the river pass post game? Go and check it out yourself to learn more about this area: the Jotnar Marketplace. Then taking them the rest of the way to a receptacle behind the Nornir Chest to activate it - revealing three “B” symbols rotated around. The right side of the arch has Winds of Hel on it, and you can transfer it to the left side of the arch. On your fist visit to the Witch's House, you'll leave by way of a large cave. It’s impossible to get back to the River Pass area until you progress the main story quite a bit. Take the elevator down, and you’ll find a new Mystic Gateway. River Pass rune chest puzzle solutions. Loot the red coffin at the top of the stairs for a Polished Crest of Perseverance, a Rare enchantment that boosts Defense and has a high perk activation chance to grant a health burst on any successful parry. Climb back up the chain and turn right to find a coffin. After the spiked chamber, there's a large plateau before the road that leads to the first sand bowl and large circular sealed door. You’ll come to two spiked doors you have to push open with axe throws. Nornir chests are unlike any other chest in God of War, as they require you to crack a sort of riddle by finding and interacting with three runes in the environment. Turn around, and you’ll see the second on on the cliff in the distance. Check out our video below for all of the God of War Nornir chest locations: ... tomb on the wall left of the chest itself. Have the boy read the runes on your way past to pick up another lore marker. Then destroy the bramble and move the giant pallet of stones to the middle so you can grab the Winds of Hel and jump across to the other side and place it in a stone vault. Opening the chest will get you another Idunn apple. So we want you to know that we’ve written every guide with spoilers in mind.Â, If our guide doesn’t appear to get you every item (a chest, for example), there’s a reason for that. He'll appear out on a ledge, and you can move a pallet of giant stones over to him to send him across to the other side where a sand bowl is. ... God of War – Nornir Chests of The Mountain. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Presented by Immortals Fenyx Rising Stadia, Things You Should Know Before Playing God of War, God of War Valkyrie Locations and Hidden Chambers, God of War Valkyrie Queen - How to Defeat Queen Sigrun, God of War Muspelheim - Tips for Trials and Challenges, God of War Niflheim - Quests, Maze, and Items Guide, God of War Dragons - Where to Find Dragon Tears, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Legendary Chest 3/35. On the other side of the spiked ceiling chamber past Brok's Shop and the first Mystic Gateway, climb up to find a dead soldier that holds another of The Faces of Magic, and grab this new Mask near the exit to the cave. Find the first rune on the other side of the bridge from where you came from - it's by the fallen tree if you look across the gap, toward the chest. God of War – Nornir Chests of The River Pass. There are only 5 and I got all of them yet on the map it says Im still missing one. With all three runes destroyed, the Nornir chest is yours for the plundering and your first of nine Idunn Apples is in your grasp. Midgard - The River Pass (Reward: Idunn Apple) After defeating the Troll Brenna Dauoi in The River Pass, you'll be able to find another Nornir Chest in the arena where you fought it. First glitch is the Nonir Chests. This allows you to clear the battlefield quickly. Behind it you’ll find the body of a soldier holding another of The Faces of Magic, and you can add another mask to your collection. This will rearranged the crumbling rocks to reveal the path to the Legendary Chest beneath them, and you’ll gain Storm of the Elks - a Runic Summon. Continue along the path until you get back inside a cave — heading toward the creepy sound. ... Then turn left and destroy the planks to activate the light bridge. When you find the chest in the cave, you’ll see the first rune on the wall behind it.

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