Fish Molee -Molly is a preparation where fish is stewed in coconut milk and very low spiced flavor in masala is prepared, so that flavor of the fish dominates the taste of the curry. Search or request for any recipe. Heat oil in a pan and saute onions, ginger, green chillies, curry leaves and salt till onions become golden brown. In Kerala, fish curries are made with kudampuli, which is a healthy ingredient. Hi, you have amazing gastronomical blog themes & templates. It is a spicy and delicious fish curry which is mainly tamarind based and taste so delicious. Marinate the fish pieces in Salt and Tumeric and set aside. Fish molly is a very very easy to make recipe which can be put together in less than 30 minutes. Fish Molee. 5. Instructions. Kerala Style Easy Chicken Curry | Kerala Chicken... Spicy Kerala Fish Curry (Meen Curry) Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. ... Kottayam Style Beef Fry. 4. Kerala Fish Curry. Egg Moilee ( Kottayam Style ) RECIPE #48 Step 1:-Boil 5-7 cups of water with 3-4 teaspoon of salt:-Boil 5-7 cups of water with 3-4 teaspoon of salt Fish molee – Popular less spicy fish curry in coconut milk. Kottayam Style Fish Curry | Step by step pictures. Kerala style Fish Molee/Moly. I fell in love with the way he made this curry. Discover (and save!) I am basically from tamilnadu. 2 comments: Oscar Smith February 24, 2020 at 11:31 PM. Boil the potatoes; peel and smash well. It is said, fish curry made with kudam puli stays fresh longer, traditionally this fish curry is made in a clay pot. Kudampulli (Fish Tamarind/Gambooge) is mostly used as the souring agent in Kottayam Style Fish Curries. Kerala dishes include roast duck, fish molee, chicken cutlets, mambazha pulissery, erachi choru, vegetable stew and prawns roast. Oct 22, 2017 - Delicately spiced fish curry with coconut milk, a Kerala special Fish Molee. King fish or Pomferts are the best options but still you can make a choice of any firm white fish. Boneless and Skinless Fish fillets – 10 to 12 pieces ( King Fish and Tilapia used in this recipe) Cinnamon Sticks (Patta) – 2 half inch pieces; Cardamom (Elakka) – 2 Fish Molee. Best combination Palappam Bread Apply a mixture of salt, pepper and turmeric on the fish pieces. Kerala Style Fish Molee Recipe / How to Make Fish Molly / Moilee / Molee / Meen Molee Recipe / Fish Stew Recipe. If you have been following my blog for a while, by now you might be familiar That’s the funny part of this word when it relates to the fish. Tags: anglo indian fish molee recipe, dinner recipes in hindi, Fish Moilee Recipe, fish molee kottayam style, fish molee kottayam style in malayalam, fish molee recipe goan style, fish recipes, how to make Fish Moilee, indian recipe, karimeen fish molly recipe, recipes in hindi Fish curry in clay pot is authentic. Make sure that fish pieces do not become brown colour. Leave it in the fridge for 15 minutes for marination. The main flavour for this comes from the unique sour ingredient called as kokum..I ran out of that so i used normal tamarind but still it tasted delicious. Heat oil in a pan/kadai, saute chopped onions until it turns to translucent. Sep 15, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Matsola Lamberg. Usually it’s served as a side dish for Palappam (Kerala style bread). You’d have by now seen Kottayam Style Red Fish Curry, Fish Molee, Meen Pollichathu, and Fish Pickle among many others, on the blog. Good old memories. Show all posts. Kottaym Fish curry, Chicken Roast, Fish Molee etc. Fish Molee |A famous fish curry from Kerala. This theeyal recipe gets its characteristic dark brown color from roasted coconut. Next, the fried fish is cooked in coconut milk with very low spice and other ingredients. Another Fish curry popular in Kerala and other South Indian states is Spicy Tangy Fish curry, also known as Meen Kulambu. your own Pins on Pinterest The word molee literally means stew. !it was easy and it was wonderful…thank you so hubby was really surprised that in the very first attempt i got it right on the taste!! Here is how to do an awesome Kerala style fish molly or fish stew. Basic Kerala-style fish curry Liz Valoor's Fish Molee - Kerala Style Fish Curry with a Lemon and Turmeric Rice. This Kottayam Style Ulli Curry gravy is dark brown in color and loaded with flavor because of the different spices that are used in its preparations. When the fish is cooked drain the water and shred the cooked fish fillets chunks into small pieces and set it aside. Cut the fish into big pieces and boil with a turmeric powder, black pepper powder and salt to taste 2. Enjoy this curry with a bowl of steamed rice. are very popular dishes from the Kottayam region. Shallow fry the marinated fish pieces, it should be half cooked only. For preparing fish molee, first wash well the fish slices and drain. Meen Peera, however, is a dry preparation of fish. Marinate the cleaned fish pieces with turmeric powder, chilli powder, pepper powder, vinegar and salt. I love kerala food so much.. andthat i wanted to learn these items. Try it with Palappam. Keep it aside for 10 minutes. I always prefer my clay pot. Here are 8 basic Kerala recipes that you can make easily at home without much fuss. Show all posts. Marinate the fish for 20 minutes with ingredients from 13 to 17. Showing posts with label Fish molee. Meen Peera, however, is a dry preparation of fish. Fish Molee is a preparation where fish is stewed in coconut milk and very low spiced flavor in masala is prepared, so that flavor of the fish dominates the taste of the curry. Fish Molee is a unique Kerala Fish Recipe which has coconut milk as the main ingredient and is not spicy. Aug 26, 2018 - Over 1200 recipes of all cuisines by Shobha. Here is my version of this curry, but each recipe is a little different! I had some frozen Seer Fish … With a variety of spices and ingredients like tamarind and coconut milk, there is a lot of scope to experiment with Kerala style fish curries. It was a Friday ritual. this is the first time I have ever tried fish molly..always felt it was a bit too complicated a taste to reproduce easily…but i must say Maria, u just proved me so wrong! Kerala Fish molly or meen moilee as its called is a traditional stew popular in Kerala. Although I reason I give is TH’s vegetarianism, the actual truth is, he doesn’t care what I cook as long as he gets his vegetarian dishes. My mom and mother-in-law always make Fish Curry with Kudampulli except for the occasional Fish Molee. If you have been following my blog for a while, by now you might be familiar The word molee literally means stew. Dishes from other southern states include nullu appam, beans poriyal, bisi bele bath, etc. Fish Molee, as everybody knows is a very popular side dish of kerala.Molee / Molly is a name given to girls in kerala homes!! Showing posts with label Fish molee. Because of this web site, I could try lot of items like chicken cutlet, avial, olan, chicken curry, chicken masala, payasam, masala fried fish, fish molee & and many items. Kottayam Style Red Fish Curry / Meen (fish) Vevichathu is a deliciously mouthwatering spicy and tangy curry which is specially made in Kottayam district of Kerala. In a earthern pot or a normal kadai heat a tblspn of oil,Add onion,Green chilli,Ginger,garlic,curryleaves and saute for about 3 min. Add in the thin coconut milk and season with salt and sugar.Let it come to a boil. Labels: FISH -Kottayam Style Curry With Mahi Mahi Fish ! Aug 14, 2016 - Fish Molee is a Kerala style Fish Curry where fish is cooked in a coconut milk based gravy. The saga of tasty fish curries does not stop at just one or two recipes in Kerala. 1. Great job. Feb 5, 2018 - Delicately spiced fish curry with coconut milk, a Kerala special Fish Molee. Thursday, December 5, 2013. In this preparation fish is shallow fried first and put in the gravy. Fish Molee -Meen Moliee-Molly is a famous fish curry from Kerala (South India). The word molee literally means stew. It is made by marinating the fish in masala and frying it. It is served along with steamed rice or Tapioca (Kappa). Updated on November 1, 2016 By Shalini 41 Comments - This post contains affiliate links which means if you use them to make a purchase, I'll earn enough money to maybe buy me a lil' something - an ingredient, probably. 3. Fish moilee or meen moilee, a mild Kerala-style fish stew recipe that’s made with lightly fried fish, coconut milk, and spices.. As you guys probably know by now, I don’t cook meat or fish in my kitchen. Dec 13, 2016 - Meen Vevichathu is what it is called in kottayam. For vegetarians who ate eggs, the Kottayam egg masala was the top favourite. This gravy is also very versatile. Fish Molee – Recipe for Kerala Style Fish Stew Yum. S omeone asked me the other day if I live on Palaharam(snacks), since my blog had been filled with recipes for snacks but hardly any main/side dish. Shallow fry the fish pieces and keep aside. Kerala Fish (Meen) Molee / Moilee - Kerala Style Fish Stew is a classy gravy which is famous among Kerala's Syrian Christians. Place the garlic, chillies, and ginger together in a food processor and process until smooth. Ingredients.

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