How to Choose the Best Laptop for Video Editing. Screen. Ultimately, how much you'll have to budget depends on whether you're only using your video-editing laptop for quick work in the field, or whether you plan to bring it back to the studio, plug it in, and use it as your primary machine. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Video capturing Another feature of the our editor is the ability to capture video from various video tuners, webcams, IP сameras and save the captured footage on your computer in an arbitrary format for subsequent editing. Whether or not you fit that stereotype, if you're a veteran of the industry, you probably already have a preference, so we're not going to try to change your mind. And though it gets a bit hot and has bloatware, the Envy X360 is by far the best laptop from HP in 2020. Considering that content is frequently consumed on phones with OLED screens or giant colorful TVs, you need to make sure you’re able to see what your users will be seeing when you’re editing videos. If you're OS-agnostic, however, you have a vast array of hardware choices if you decide to choose a PC over a Mac laptop. Having as much at 1T of memory is useful when handling video editing… Meanwhile, a 12-inch display could have you squinting. That said, new laptops with screens less than that are uncommon except in the lowest-cost machines. When watching a trailer for The Mandalorian, I could make out the fine vents on the dirtied Storm Trooper helmets mounted on spikes. Speedy Core i9 CPU and Quadro RTX graphics. Both laptops also sport slim aluminum chassis, making them incredibly portable. The vibrant and razor-sharp display of HP Spectre x360 15 completely … A 15-inch or 17-inch display will let you see more of your project timeline, but it comes at the expense of weight and heft. And it’ll make your video editing sessions a breeze. Taking pointers from the MSI GS75 Stealth and the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin, the MSI WS65 sports a svelte aluminum chassis layered in matte black-and-gold diamond trimming around the lid. When it comes to assessing SSDs, most machines relevant for video editing have moved toward SSDs using the PCI Express bus (often associated with the term "NVMe," for a protocol that affords faster data transfers than ever). Anti-glare technology is good for your eyes. Look no further than the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme for your best video editing laptop. For it to be the best video editing laptop, you'll want something with a discrete graphics card. 1. And it’ll make your video editing sessions a breeze. Sleek and all aluminum, it's as elegant as creative-pro notebooks get. The MSI WS65 took a speedy 10 minutes and 36 seconds to complete our HandBrake benchmark. In this article, we have picked the 12 best laptops for video editing in 2020 from top-notch brands that ensure high-tech configurations and are compatible with various video … The one exception is the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar, a narrow, secondary touch screen perched forward of the keyboard, between it and the screen. (See our favorite OLED-screen laptops so far.). When attempting to choose the best laptop for music production, your shortlist will lead you down one of two paths; Mac or PC. With most mainstream and better laptops these days offering at least full HD (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) resolution, your main screen consideration should be screen size, not pixel count. A 15.6″ Full HD IPS display. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Your answer will determine what kind of system you need. Getting a top-quality laptop for video editing and rendering isn’t as simple as you may think because there are many great laptops available in the market, but we are going to share some of the best ones. Thank you for signing up to Laptop Mag. But an important note: Most laptops of this screen size will bounce you down to a U-series processor. 6 Best Computers for Video Editing in 2020 Apple iMac Pro The Best Desktop Computer for Video Editing. Additionally, it has an optional IR camera so you can sign into your laptop with Windows Hello facial recognition. The sweet spot, therefore, if you need to travel with your editing machine is 13 or 14 inches. Something like the Dell G5 15 SE (2020), which sports an AMD Radeon RX 5600M GPU and a decent display, will be good enough for you to get through some of your rigorous tasks. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. Best laptops for design, graphics, video, and photography in 2020: MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 15, and more. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. 5 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under $1500 1. (Thunderbolt 3 ports are physically and electrically compatible with USB Type-C ports.) For video editing, you want peak addressable cores and threads from your CPU. A graduate of Middlebury College, Tom also has a master's degree in journalism and French Studies from New York University. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 … CPU: Intel Core i7 | GPU: Nvidia MX150/GTX 1050 Ti | RAM: 8GB/16GB | Storage: 256GB/512GB/1TB SSD | Display: 15.6-inch (4K) | Size: 14.2 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches | Weight: 4.6 pounds. Top that off with its 17.3-inch, 4K display is also ridiculously vivid, as it covered 251 percent of the sRGB color gamut and emitted 393 nits of brightness. See our full Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review. Along with its immense, upgradable power, you get the machine's gorgeous design and an SSD with a 1,272 MBps transfer rate. 2020 Apple MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which Mac Laptop to Buy? If you prefer editing on an Apple machine, the new 16-inch Macbook Pro is hard to top. Links to the Best Laptop for Video Editing listed in the video 5. Microsoft Surface Book Laptop For Video Editing ($2,015) Check at Amazon. In fact, Davinci's Linux version offers support for as many as eight individual GPUs. The best video editing laptops you can buy today 1. On top of that, passed several MIL-SPEC durability tests and even has a decently long battery life for a souped up workstation. If you're wondering if one of the best gaming laptops can edit video, it probably can, but a dedicated media creation system is more likely to get perfect renders every time. We don’t really have to tell you how important a screen on a laptop is but for editing video, choosing a laptop with a 4K screen is the best option to go with if you can afford it. 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD instead of 32GB and 1TB. On top of that, the hinges and surrounding area of the chassis are elegantly cut, creating a diamond-esque design. The Spectre x360's 15.6-inch, 4K, glossy display is a mixed bag. If you're choosing the latter, you might want to familiarize yourself with our list of best gaming laptops, one of which may offer the power—especially the heftier CPU—you need for marathon editing sessions on deadline night. 17.9mm thin and 1.7 kg light with spun metal finish , this laptop is a must have for every video editor. A ravishing OLED display and all-new eight-core Core i7 and GeForce RTX 2070 Super components make Gigabyte's 15.6-inch Aero 15 status symbol a top choice for creative pros. Choosing the best video editing laptop for you depends on a couple of things. If you need to multitask, the best video editing laptop for you is the Asus ZenBook Pro 15 thanks to its second screen on the touchpad. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Chief among them is battery life, since video editing consumes so much power that your laptop will probably spend most of its time plugged in. Then pick up the Dell Precision 5540, which is one of the best video editing laptops thanks to its killer graphics and slim design. Buying guide for best laptops for photo and video editing. Need a little more oomph in the GPU area on your Dell XPS 15? 4. The last thing you want is a computer that can’t handle the heavy processing and large uploading duties required by video editors. The sweet spot is one or two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and one or two regular USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 ports. A comfortable keyboard is a must, too, since keyboard shortcuts help streamline many editing tasks, from starting and stopping playback to adding keyframes. The laptop is built with a 10th generation Intel Core i3 CPU and integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics for plenty of power to draw, paint, and edit video files; the 256GB SSD gives you plenty of … We recently reviewed the Dell Precision 7540, which is a good example. Finding the best laptops for video editing takes some research, which I’ve done for you here. So our recommendation will be that you must have at least an i5 or an i7 processor. Read More: Top 10 Best Hard Drives for Video Editing in 2020 So, for your ease with great efforts of research and professional video editors and filmmaker recommendation below is the list of best laptops … MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) 4. That said, below are the best Dell laptops for video editing that you can get in the market today. The best video editing laptop you can buy, CPU: Intel Core i5/Core i7/Core i9 | GPU: Intel UHD 630/Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti | RAM: 8GB/16GB/32GB | Storage: 1TB HDD or 256GB/512GB/1TB SSD | Display: 15.6-inch (1080p/4K/4K OLED) | Size: 13.6 x 9.1 x 0.7-inches | Weight: 4.5 pounds. Your subscription has been confirmed. Devoting most of your budget to a powerful CPU, a buffed-up graphics card, and many gigabytes of memory is a safe bet, but ancillary features such as storage, input/output options, and the operating system are far more important factors for you than they are for the average laptop shopper. This 4K speed demon packs an Intel Core i9 processor and a Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU in a lightweight, sexy chassis accompanied by Asus' most interesting feature: the ScreenPad. So whether your boss expects you to make first edits in the field, you're a film student, or you just want to review your vacation footage on your flight home, you should consider a laptop with robust enough specs for video editing. MSI GT76 Titan DT. The Apple iMac Pro is arguably one of the best PCs for video editing out there, but … The right processor will help you gain speed and smoothness while functioning your laptop. These are the best video editing laptops available now. If you're focused on power, the best video editing laptop for you is the Alienware Area-51m thanks to its desktop-level processor and beefy GPU. Okay, that is enough of a preamble for video editing laptops; it is time to dive right in and select a companion that will help you achieve the visual brilliance you so dearly covet. List of 5 Best Budget Laptop for Video Editing. Anti-glare … It's essentially a function row for serious content creators that morphs according to the program in use. When you're on the go, you don't have to worry about the Precision getting all scuffed up thanks to its MIL-SPEC chassis. We’ll try to help you select a top-notch laptop that will make your video editing a sheer pleasure. The best video editing laptops are often among the best workstations, so if you need a great laptop for handling more graphics-intensive apps beyond video editing, you may want to go with the stronger alternative. The 15 best video editing software for beginners, professionals, YouTube, 3D, motion graphics, phones (Windows, Linux, Mac, online, free, paid) in 2020. If you're going the former route, you'll also want to take a look at our best desktops when it comes time to upgrade your main rig. The display's just average, but the laptop on the whole is impressive. Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning. Meet one of the best video editing laptops: The Alienware Area-51m. At the other end of the spectrum, don't choose a resolution below full HD in any video-editing machine. *Update*: See our brand new post with the best laptops for video editing in 2020. These specifications make the Dell XPS 15 one of the best video editing laptops, as well as ideal for people who travel a lot. While some also offer HDD storage up to 1T, most of the SSDs are offering at least 128GB, though some are split across two chips. The principle is the same for video-editing software such as Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, which are engineered to distribute compute tasks over multiple cores just like Cinebench. There are a few exceptions. Some laptops, including all MacBook Pro models, only include Thunderbolt 3. There are different display sizes, different target audiences, and a host of different specification options you can choose from. If you are looking for the best pc laptop for video editing then you are in the right place. We also take into account the display, specifically the resolution, the sRGB color gamut coverage and average number of nits that its panel can produce. The cheapest on our list, which boasts Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, starts at around $1,099. The stunning display, powerful processer, and top-of-the-line graphics card make this laptop a wonderful choice for even intensive video editing. Convertible flexibility meets workstation punch. With a larger display, a beefier graphics chip, and (vitally and finally!) War has never looked so good on a 17.3-inch, 1920 x 1080 display. Your list of most-wanted features could end up belonging to a dream machine that doesn't exactly match any laptop currently for sale. With lots of graphics power and CPU, and quality software, you will be able to encode videos faster than what you’d typically get from a standard laptop. If you’re a professional that needs a top-of-the-line video editing laptop, you’re going to need a sharper and brighter display to get your work done, which will cost a pretty penny. Powered by NVIDIA GTX GeForce GPU, this is a contender for best laptop for 4k video editing that has up to 17.5 hours battery life that has an improved standby mode that expands battery … But if you’re not a gamer and you want to focus exclusively on video editing no matter the cost, consider picking up a workstation, like the MSI WS65 9TM, which is one of the best workstations you can buy overall. In this list, the best laptop for video editing would be the Apple 15” MacBook Pro MPTR2L. Keep an eye on your inbox! It's also one of the few matte touch screens I've seen, and it has a chemical coating that, when paired with the stylus, feels like you're writing on paper. Dell basically took the XPS 15 and stuffed workstation components inside, which brought the Dell Precision 5540 into life. A 15.6″ Full HD IPS display. No ISV certifications or eight-core CPU option. The screen covers 200% of the sRGB color gamut and averages 384 nits of brightness. It’ll offer you a decent amount of power and you’ll get a feel if you want to stick with video editing for the future. It's hefty and pricey, but it obliterates big workflows like nobody's business. Look for specs like DCI-P3 or Adobe RGB color-gamut support and automatic calibration, features that are often rolled into a single marketing moniker such as HP's DreamColor. No one wants to experience pixilated images or get annoyed by the crashing program. Most non-gaming laptops come with graphics-acceleration silicon that's part of the CPU, not a separate graphics processing chip (GPU). Are you an artist? Intel Core i9 and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 offer computing muscle. CPU: Intel Core i7/Core i9 | GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5500M or Nvidia RTX 2060/2070 Super/2080 Super | RAM: 8GB/16GB/32GB | Storage: 256GB SSD or two 512GB SSD or two 2TB SSDs | Display: 15.6-inch (1080p/4K) | Size: 14.2 x 10.9 x 0.8~0.7 inches | Weight: 4.7 pounds. It's designed with apps like Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite in mind, and will pop up context-relevant shortcuts with supported software. The first laptop that comes to mind as the best video editing laptop is the Apple 15.4. HP Spectre x360 (15-inch, 2019) 7. Multithreading, which enables each core to handle two processing threads simultaneously, is also important. The HP Spectre x360 (15-inch, 2019) boasts a strong GPU and a gorgeous 4K in a 2-in-1 design, making it one of the best video editing laptops you can buy. Excellent Retina Display, now larger and with slimmer bezels. For $1,199, the Dell G5 15 SE with an AMD R7 4800H CPU blows its competitors out of this realm. Dell G5 15 SE (2020) 3. an improved keyboard, Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro is a beyond-capable big-screen powerhouse built for creatives. There’s a 6-speaker sound system on board with force-cancelling woofers. If you're looking for a great budget rig, the Dell G5 15 SE (2020) is not only a great gaming laptop but also ranks as the best video editing laptop. It’s truly one of the best laptops a YouTuber can buy – with a price to match. Visit our corporate site. Each link below will take you where you can get more information on the laptop, but if you want to know more about each one, we cordially invite you to keep reading below. If you're already carrying around dozens of pounds of camera and lighting equipment, the last thing you want is to add weight to your bag. C hoosing the best MacBook for video editing isn’t an easy task. It can be used as a laptop and a tablet and comes with a surface pen. (See our favorite internal SSDs.). So is weight, since even a few extra pounds could push your already heavy bag over an airline's weight limit or make your carry-on too fat to fit into an overhead bin. Get Best Laptops for YouTuber powerful performance and impressive graphics with the new Surface Book 2, a powerful laptop you can upload video faster, a tablet PC.. Portable studio in a single device with up to 17 hours of battery life and more power than ever. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Remarkably thin and light for a 17.3-inch mobile workstation. The Best Laptops for College Students in 2020, Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch (M1, Late 2020), Qualcomm Is a Little Too Unbothered by Apple's M1 Macs, Tablet, Chromebook Demand Soars as Pandemic Prompts Need for Affordable Computers, Early Benchmarks Show Apple's ARM-Based Macs Reign Supreme, New Beta of Microsoft's Office 2019 Is Compatible with ARM-Based Macs. 1. If you're slimming down, however, try not to lose too many ports. That means you'll have to pick and choose features from among standard laptop categories such as ultraportables, gaming laptops, and mobile workstations. The Quadro GPU could be stronger, but there are few devices that cater so directly to creatives. NY 10036. For 4K video editing needs, the 15.6” Dell XPS 15 9500 is among the best choices in the market today. That is because, the bigger the laptop, the more thermal leeway the designer has for more powerful components. The best laptops for video editing also offer adequate SSD memory. It not only surpassed the Omen 15 (12:34) and Legion Y545 (8:51), but also topped the Zephyrus G14 (6:59). The best video editing laptop for you is HP ZBook x2 thanks to its great stylus and awesome shortcut management. So when you’re buying a video editing laptop, ask yourself -- how much do you actually need it? The Best Laptop for Video Editing The HP ZBOOK Studio is a very interesting laptop for video editing, boasting one of the best displays in the industry. MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) The best laptop for video editing. HP's ZBook Studio x360 G5 isn't the fastest or lightest mobile workstation you can buy, but its convertible design makes it a natural for presentations or pen input. Its 16-inch display is bright, colorful and has super slim bezels compared to last year's model. Best laptops for video editing. CPU: Intel Core i7 | GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 256GB/512GB/1TB SSD | Display: 15-inch (3240 x 2160) | Size: 13.5 x 9.9 x 0.9 inches | Weight: 4.2 pounds. It only took 10 minutes and 3 seconds to transcode a 4K video to 1080p on the HandBrake benchmark, which is twice as fast as the 20:30 category average. However, the Spectre x360 features a super comfortable keyboard and a battery that can last up to 8 hours and 9 minutes on a charge.The included HP Active Pen has two programmable buttons and 2,048 pressure sensitivity levels. A tweaked keyboard and the option for a 10th Generation Intel "Ice Lake" CPU bring typing comfort and better performance to Apple's already-excellent 13-inch MacBook Pro. See our full Microsoft Surface Book 2 (15-inch) review. Nvidia's earth-shaking Quadro RTX 5000 makes the Lenovo ThinkPad P53 one of the most powerful mobile workstations you can buy. Good things typically come in threes. The thinnest and lightest won't have discrete GPUs or displays larger than 14 inches, but you may be able to do without these features, especially if you've got a studio with a more powerful editing station where you do most of your cutting. If editing on the road is a must, you might want a spare power adapter for hotel rooms, and make sure your flight has in-seat power outlets before you buy a ticket. You can get brighter displays, but the ZBook's 14-inch, 4K panel ranks as one of the most vivid we've ever measured. New York, Acer Predator Helios 300 . Before that, he worked for PCMag's sister site, Computer Shopper, where he occasionally dunked waterproof hard drives in glasses of water. While full HD resolution is fine for many editing tasks, if you shoot primarily in 4K, you want a screen resolution to match. The Best Laptops for Video Editing in 2020 Whether you're a film student or a video pro, you don't need a studio to make a rough cut in the field. It has micro edges so you can view visuals without being distracted by the bezels. The machine is also just 4.3 pounds and 0.6-inch thick, and the audio from the 16-inch MacBook Pro is even more impressive than the visuals. If your video-editing tasks mostly involve arranging clips, mixing audio, and the like, you probably don't need to worry about the display's color capabilities. CPU: Intel Core i7/Core i9 | GPU: Nvidia Quadro T2000/RTX 5000 Max-Q | RAM: 16GB/32GB | Storage: 512GB/1TB SSD | Display: 17.3-inch (1080p/4K) | Size: 14.1 x 9.8 x 0.7 inches | Weight: 4.3 pounds. Below is our list of The Best Laptops for Video Editing in 2020. CPU: Intel Core i7/Core i9 | GPU: Intel UHD 630or Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 512GB SSD | Display: 15.6-inch (4K) | Size: 14.4 x 9.9 x 0.7 inches | Weight: 4.2 pounds. It's the best video-editing laptop for beginners. If you want to get into video editing as a hobby, we recommend starting out with a cheap gaming laptop. PremierColor lets you tweak color gamut, temperature and brightness. Searching for the best laptop for video editing. The matte, 14-inch 4K display lets you edit at any resolution, and, if you prefer a stylus, you can use the shortcut keys for quick actions or keep the Bluetooth keyboard nearby. Display specs are especially important, especially if you plan on using your laptop for more advanced editing tasks such as shading and color correction. The ZBook has what HP calls a DreamColor display, which means it can show 1 billion different colors. Nearly all video-editing suites are designed to take advantage of more powerful processors, but the ability to leverage powerful graphics-processing hardware isn't as common. Neither will you get much use out of a touch screen or a convertible laptop that doubles as a tablet, unless you're looking for a machine that you'll also use for web browsing and watching videos after the end of a long day of shooting and editing. These top laptop picks can breeze through demanding video-editing tasks. Best laptops for music production: Our top picks. Its Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 GPU is optimized for tasks such as video editing, and thanks to its super colorful 4K display, you’ll be able to see all of your creative work come to life before your eyes. Best Laptops for Video Editing Windows Central 2020 Laptops come in a whole manner of shapes and sizes, but for video editing and other intensive workloads, it's all about the internals. Aluminum and carbon fiber -- a match made in techie heaven. This test uses software from video-effects titan Maxon to spit out a proprietary score based on how quickly the PC can render a 3D image. The Best For Complex Editing and Rendering on macOS, The Best For From-the-Factory Color Calibration, The Best For Workstation-Grade, Xeon-Based Muscle, The Best For Hefty Graphics Acceleration (and 4K), The Best For Multi-Screen Editing in a Single Laptop, The Best For Touch-Screen Editing, Plus Tablet Functionality, The Best For Nvidia Studio Optimized Applications. Apple has traditionally dominated the creative markets, but there are now dozens of … He previously covered the consumer tech beat as a news reporter for PCMag in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, where he rode in several self-driving cars and witnessed the rise and fall of many startups. The biggest advantage of going with Windows 10 or Linux is the possibility of buying a workstation-class laptop with a many-core Intel Xeon processor, something not available on any Mac portable. So, if you settle on a 4K screen, make sure it's feasible that you'll stick near a power outlet most of the time, and consider buying an external battery charger to use in a pinch.

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